The First Publication of The Project Results

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Based on the first project results, several contributions have been prepared to disseminate the research findings on Slovene public policies evaluation and RIA particularly. The first scientific article was published in October 2017 in the Review of central and east European law, 42(2-3): 215–250, doi: 10.1163/15730352-04202003, titled Between theoretical principles and practice in Slovene regulatory impact assessment procedures, authored by P. Kovač. Further on, we are working on the article titled Towards an integral framework of public policy design in Slovenia: between theory and practice, co-authored by J. Mencinger, P. Kovač, T. Jukić and M. Vintar. We also intensively prepare a domestic scientific monography, to be published in spring 2018 by the Faculty of Administration, University of Ljubljana.

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