The International Workshop 19-20 April 2018

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Faculty of Administration is organising the international workshop on the role of public administration in public policies’ design on 19-20 April 2018 – see draft programme. The workshop’s purpose is to discuss about administrative processes, reforms and studies’ evaluation in political-administrative area and thus, to improve domestic practices. Participants of the workshop will be keynotes prof. Hammerschmid (Hertie School of Governance), prof. de Vries (Radbound University), prof. Nemec (Masaryk University), prof. Hintea (Cluj University), prof. Koprić (University of Zagreb) and prof. Kustec Lipicer, as well as the invited executives from Slovene ministries and civil society.

Keywords: PPPP, indicator, pdca, public policy, public governance, agenda setting, public administration, public management, public finance, research and development indicator, R&D indicator, regulatory impact analysis, RIA, catalog of indicators, catalogue of indicators, benchmark, agenda definition, decision making definition, governance, monitoring and evaluation, plan do check act, public sector, social impact, social policy